Project experiments

The European project BIGG, funded under the H2020 programme, aims at demonstrating the application of big data technologies and data analytic techniques for the complete buildings life-cycle of more than 4000 buildings in 6 large-scale pilot test-beds.

Case Study Area: Spain


Main targets

Needs of the public administrations to enhance the data gathering and analysis for monitoring the performance and improving the energy efficiency of the building stock.  

  • Gather and harmonize data stored in different databases (regional, research databases, cadastre (land registry), meteorological data, building certification data, monitoring data, modelling data)  
  • Data driven support to energy policy design and implementation:  Current state evaluation (Baseline), General Fault detection, Policy decision support and Evaluation of policies applied  
  • Improvement of Energy Performance Certification, Comparability with EPC of other Spanish regions and EU countries  
  • Building renovation decision support: Selection of the most appropriate EEM to apply and De-risking of energy efficiency investments 
Business cases
  1. Benchmarking and energy efficiency tracking in public buildings 
  2. Energy certification in residential and tertiary buildings 
  3. Building life-cycle – From planning to renovation 
Case Study Area: Greece


Main targets

17 large commercial office buildings in Athens managed through Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) or Maintenance Contract. The pilot site will demonstrate the application of EPC-based management for commercial buildings. Focus will be on continuously optimizing the building operation-consumption, to guarantee comfort of occupants, by controlling HVAC systems/lighting. 

  • Energy Performance Contract-based savings in commercial buildings 
  • Buildings for occupants: Comfort case 
Business cases
  1. Energy Performance Contract-based savings in commercial buildings 
  2. Buildings for occupants: Comfort case 
Case Study Area: Greece

Volos & Thessaloniki

Main targets

Residential consumers can tune the operation of their heating system through a smartphone application and let the controller optimally adapt the heating operation to their comfort limits, weather conditions and building characteristics.  

 The pilot site will demonstrate the application of Demand Response management on top of electricity and gas consumers 

Business cases
  1. Electricity and Gas demand-response 

Business scenario driven real-life pilots