Building Information aGGregation,

harmonization and analytics platform

The European project BIGG, funded under the H2020 programme, aims at demonstrating the application of big data technologies and data analytic techniques for the complete buildings life-cycle of more than 4000 buildings in 6 large-scale pilot test-beds.

Building performance monitoring

  • Benchmarking and buildings portfolios management
  • Energy performance evolution follow up
  • Carbon accounting

Policy support

  • Municipal/regional/national energy disclosure programs data gathering and support
  • Energy certification and energy audit data
  • Legacy data integration and analysis
  • Program imapact evaluation and decision support

Energy efficiency investment

  • Investment data collection and tracking
  • Investment de-risking services
  • Traceable, data-driven approaches for savings’ evaluation and risk indicators’ calculation

Energy grid support

  • DER aggregation and management
  • Demand flexibility evaluation, DR & P4P services

Whole building lifecycle services





BIM Data Integration
Energy simulation tool design options & input/output interoperability
Advanced Energy Design Guides & Sector specific solutions
Rating of building performance
Data integration from platforms (BMS, IoT) & Utilities
Recommissioning & retro-commissioning
Audit data integration & certification
Recommendations for improvement & decision support
Benchmarking & user information