The BIGG project is pleased to invite you to its Final Event:
“Data aggregation and harmonization for a sustainable built environment”, that will be held online next November 24th, from 10h00 to 12h30 CET.

The EU-funded project BIGG aimed at demonstrating the application of big data technologies and data analytic techniques for the complete buildings life-cycle of more than 4000 buildings in 6 large- scale pilot test-beds. This event will conclude 3 years of work on the project, in which the main outputs of the project will be presented.

The six business cases will be introduced: the technical solution proposed will be presented, together with some results and the analysis of each solution, with the aim of understanding how BIGG has helped with the challenges found.

Furthermore, proper implementation of new technologies on big data needs standardization of input data coming from different sources. The uniqueness of the BIGG concept lies in its creation and utilization of a distinctive Ontology. This Ontology is designed to facilitate semantic interoperability of data and empower big data analytics within buildings. Thus, a session will be dedicated to explore the aim, advantages and key components of the harmonization layer of BIGG; as well as to discuss the different ontologies developed within other 3 projects: ENERGATE, DigiBUILD and MODERATE.

To conclude, the 3 innovative LIFE projects InEExS, AUDIT-TO-MEASURE and EU-MORE will be introduced. These projects take part in the #SmartEnergyClsuter together with BIGG and other projects with the common objective of achieving a sustainable and efficient energy system.

The full programme of the event