The BIGG project has completed the first year with several progresses on the board.

One of these progresses is the development of the harmonisation of the building data for the BIGG platform. The challenge has been to import data from multiple sources and harmonise them within the ontology base of the project’s data model. This process has taken our full attention given the heterogeneity of the building data such as energy consumption, occupancy patterns, building energy efficiency measures, or intrinsic data such as floor area, number of floors or year of construction.

The researchers have done methodical work with different tools of the linked data driven frameworks to match the different data sources, creating a single data source with all the information. The result is a data model with a robust structure for the back-end of the platform.

Visualisation of the BIGG data model with the linked data sources harmonised

Over the next months, the researchers will work on the visualisation of the front-end data through mockups to obtain a User Interface (UI) and User eXperience (UX) with all the initial requirements and that meets the Use cases and Business cases of all the pilots.