The BIGG project aims at demonstrating the application of Big Data technologies and data analytic techniques for the complete buildings life-cycle applied to several concrete business cases. In that context a Reference Architecture Framework (RAF) has been designed and the BIGG consortium is currently working on technically implementing this RAF for different business case pilots. This work is iterative, it implements the Big Data features required by the various business cases, using the iteratively-created open source BIGG components that will be released by the project.


The originality of the BIGG concept is to create the central ontology which can be used by a unique Data Analytics Toolbox to create insights about different aspects of the energy management in buildings. The consortium is currently focused on finalising the harmoniser module which can take several types of data as input and convert them into the harmonised data to be used by the Data Analytics Toolbox. This harmonisation feature is mandatory to be able to work with any type of building-related input datasets thus insuring the BIGG solution versatility.