As part of BC4 Energy Performance Contract-based savings in commercial buildings and BC5 Buildings for occupants: Comfort case of the BIGG project, we are developing a platform to manage large buildings portfolios. The platform is gathering, processing and exchanging data from different sources applied to the buildings are displayed, to measure the savings obtained when combined with the consumption data.  Thus, two online training sessions were organised to our colleagues.


The first one, was referred to a team of CORDIA’s managers and was organized for the 10th of November by Energis, HELEXIA and CORDIA. The participants were fifteen managers, who are responsible for different contracts of the company.


The second training session was referred to a team of engineers from different departments (operation, energy and IoT) and was held on the 1st of December. The participants were twenty-two engineers with different expertise.


The main goals from the trainings were:


  • A detailed presentation for the platform’s capabilities, tools and uses.
  • A description of the data processing and the outputs (reports, figures, comparisons etc).


The main difference for the two sessions were, that the second one was more analytic and quite interactive.  The most of attendees were interested in the use of the platform and the benefits from its application and above all, they expressed some queries for its operation and the difference from the platform that they already use.