The Business Case 4 Energy Performance Contract-based savings in commercial buildings is introduced in this video, where the Measurement and Verification process of Energy Performance Contracts has been reshaped. This is a crucial step for Energy Service Companies which usually manage it manually with Excel sheets. This is time-consuming and most of all, error-prone. Therefore, this video showcases the solution developed through the BIGG project, which offers game-changing solutions for Energy Performance Contract management, validated on multiple buildings contracts currently managed by our partner CORDIA Hellas, in Greece.

This business case consists in 3 use cases:

  • Use Case 8 “Buildings assets management”, which consists in collecting and monitoring static (e.g. building and operation details) and dynamic (e.g. ambient & external conditions, consumptions) data relevant to the management of an EPC contract.
  • Use case 9 “Actual savings tracking realised by the Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs)”, that focuses on pre-existing buildings, so measures are mainly linked to consumptions adjustments and optimization of internal conditions, rather than design plans.
  • Use case 10 “EPC Contract Management to manage EPC-life-cycle and perform actions”, whose objective is to simplify the management of an EPC contract on a single platform leveraging the template data collection process both static and dynamic and the ECM tracking capabilities.