As part of BC4 (Energy Performance Contract-based savings in commercial buildings) and BC5 (Buildings for occupants: Comfort case of the BIGG project), energy meters and sensors were also installed in the CORDIA’s building to monitor temperature, humidity, and CO2 emissions. Based on that project very useful results were conducted not only for the facilities but also for the user’s behavior. For better observation, new CORDIA’s platform features were used such as comparative diagrams for the external and internal conditions (e.g. temperature, CO2 emissions, humidity). External conditions are received through the API protocol from a weather forecasting platform. This specific tool also contributes to optimizing the control of the equipment as well as the indoor conditions. Some representative results are depicted in Figures 1-2.

Figure 1: The variation of indoor and outdoor humidity (%), per week.
◼︎ Indoor humidity (%)
◼︎ Outdoor humidity (%)
Figure 2: The variation of indoor and outdoor temperature (°C), per week.
◼︎ Indoor temperature (°C)
◼︎ Outdoor temperature (°C)

In conclusion, BIGG project contributes also to the optimization of CORDIA’s facility, more specifically to the:

  • Improvement of the occupant’s wellbeing.
  • Energy and cost reductions.