Throughout the November Newsletter, BIGG presents the recent progress of the project and the most remarkable activities carried out and gives an overview of related events.

BIGG, BUILTHUB, MATRYCS and BEYOND were at the Networking Village EUSEW 2022

This year, the European Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW), the biggest conference dedicated to renewables and efficient energy use in Europe, organized the Networking Village. The perfect complement to the high-level Policy Conference took place from 26 to 29 September in Brussels. It included different features and activities to allow participants to interact with topics that interest them, connect with other participants with shared interests, and visit exhibition stands to find more information and further network.

BIGG joined forces together with the sister projects BuiltHub, MATRYCS and BEYOND in order to bring the latest tools and resources on big data for energy efficiency in buildings and shared a stand during the EUSEW Networking Village 2022. The stand “Big Data: big breakthroughs for buildings” was part of the Energy Fair and drew on the examples and expertise of these projects to identify major barriers and potential solutions and to increase collaboration with an audience of key stakeholders in the EU building data space, in a fun and engaging way.

Read more about the event here.

Research paper: “Dynamic horizon selection methodology for model predictive control in

In September, CIMNE (together with KU Leuven) published the research paper “Dynamic horizon selection methodology for model predictive control in buildings” in Energy Reports Volume 8 (pages 10193-10202).

The paper presents a novel concept to determine the optimal horizon length through a procedure that only requires the development of a regressive prediction model. This will guarantee the use of all the building flexibility potential while reducing the computational resources needed. This innovative methodology will contribute to demonstrate that the optimal horizon length can be dynamically updated according to the effect of building inertia.

Read the full publication here.

Standardization workshop with sister projects

Next November 8, from 10:30 to 12:00 CET, BIGG, BuiltHub, MATRYCS and BEYOND will join forces in the standardization workshop “Leveraging on standardisation for building data aggregation and analytics” hosted by BuildUp platform.

The aim of the discussion will be to share each project’s vision of contribution to standardisation; identify the common subjects and ideas that could be pushed to standardisation; identify similar structures among the projects that could help to influence the standards; co-define together the founding principles and operational mechanisms of the Community of Standardisation.

10.30H – 10.35H: Welcome and introduction agenda: BIGG project
10.35H – 11.05H: Pitch of 4 EU projects: BIGG, BEYOND, BuiltHub, MATRYCS
11.05H – 11.45H: Roundtable on standardization
11.45H – 11:55H: Questions of the audience
11:55H – 12:00H: Wrap-up and potential next actions around the community of standardisation

Find more details about the workshop and register here.

BIGG first training session

As part of BC1 of the BIGG project we are developing a platform to manage large buildings portfolios. The platform is a building repository in which the energy efficiency measures (EEM) applied to the buildings are displayed, to later on the project measure the savings obtained when combined with the consumption data. The first online training for energy and building managers of the Catalan government was held on the 25th of October by ICAEN and CIMNE, the training had 74 participants from different departments, public companies and organisations which in combination represent close to 68% of the energy bill of the Catalan government. The session was used to train the users of the platform in how to manage the current building information and how to add new EEM to the existing buildings. The information gathered will already be used to inform on the Catalan government energy efficiency targets with a continuously update database.

An Artificial Intelligence toolbox tailored to the needs of energy management companies

The BIGG project is assessing the potential of big data for building energy efficiency enhancement. Through 6 business cases addressing most of the common challenges faced by the energy efficiency industry, the project aims at providing a solution kit to enable data analytics to increase European buildings level of performance.
As part of this solution kit, the BIGG consortium is working on the design of an AI toolbox to provide energy manager and energy analysts with a set of AI functions developed specifically for the fulfilment of these business cases. After the project crossed the one-year line, the AI toolbox is now entering the implementation phase.
With a specific focus on the needs of the identified business cases, the BIGG AI toolbox is proposing a set of functions enabling existing platforms to push their analytics capabilities.

BIGG related events

Intelligent Building Systems: 8-9/11/2022, Paris, France

The Intelligent Building Systems, the event for the performance of tertiary, industrial and collective buildings, will take place 8&9 November in Paris, Porte de Versailles. During the event, the 1st edition of the E-Mobility Lab by IBS for the convergence of building and electric mobility will be launched. More information about the programme and the speakers can be found here.

Smart City Expo: 15-17/11/2022, Barcelona, Spain

Smart City Expo will be organized next 15-17 November in Barcelona, Spain. It gathers leaders from the most innovative companies, governments and organizations to move cities towards a better future. The lessons learned from this year will contribute to creating an enhanced hybrid, cross-platform experience. A combined physical event of Smart City Expo World Congress, Smart Mobility Congress and Retail & Brand Experience World Congress, with a digital platform affording endless opportunities.

ENLIT Europe: European Utility Week: 29/11/2022 – 1/12/2022, Frankfurt, Germany

ENLIT is a series of energy events unlike any other – because they are more than just energy events. Enlit is a community that for 365-days a year will collaborate and innovate to solve the most pressing energy- related issues. At the European edition, the Enlit community will come together in an online environment and for three days in Frankfurt, Germany, from 29 November through to 1 December 2022, to meet and inspire each other and to develop their discussions and actions into a plan for the coming year. And so the Enlit circle begins: a constantly growing, inclusive and end-to-end forum that addresses every aspect of Europe’s energy transition.