In today’s era of sustainable development, the reduction of energy consumption has become a major challenge for many companies. As part of our commitment to provide energy-efficient solutions to companies, Helexia has implemented Energy Performance Contracts (EnPC) within tertiary buildings and industrial facilities. The EnPC involves the implementation of Energy Conservation Measures (ECM) to reduce energy consumption and lower costs. However, monitoring the performance of the EnPC requires complex tools that helps Helexia track and analyze the energy consumption data.

To address this challenge, an AI toolbox has been developed within the BIGG European project. This toolbox includes an algorithm that, among other topics, helps Helexia generates a baseline consumption using historical data and influencing factors. This baseline consumption serves as an Adjusted Reference Consumption for monitoring the actual performance of the EnPC. This model helps Helexia track the savings generated by the ECMs, providing valuable insights into the EnPC’s performance and giving the client a clear vision of the Energy Savings committed by Helexia.

This tool has proven to be an essential asset in our efforts to optimize Energy Management and generating EnPC baselines for our clients. By leveraging the power of AI, we are able to provide our clients with a comprehensive and data-driven approach to energy efficiency, by platin a crucial role in ensuring data quality. With the vast amount of energy consumption data collected from various sources, it is essential to have a mechanism in place to identify and address any anomalies or inconsistencies. This toolbox flags any potential data quality issues, such as missing or erroneous data points. By providing this data quality checking capability, the AI Toolbox helps us maintain the integrity and accuracy of the energy consumption data, allowing us to make informed decisions and take corrective actions when necessary. This ensures that the EnPC’s performance monitoring is based on reliable and high-quality data, further enhancing our ability to deliver tangible energy gains and maximize the benefits for our clients.

In conclusion, the AI Toolbox has revolutionized the way we monitor and analyze the performance of our EnPCs. By automating the process of generating a baseline consumption and tracking the savings generated, we are able to optimize the performance of our EnPCs and deliver significant energy savings to our clients, faster and at a lower cost.