The central result of the BiGG project is to develop a technical platform able to aggregate and harmonise the data from different sources (smart meters, sensors, BMS, existing data sets) and to provide a toolbox to perform analytics on these data.

The BIGG platform relies on the BIGG Data Reference Architecture 4 Buildings which has been initiated during the first period of the project. The methodology adopted to define the services and the supporting architecture of the platform has followed the steps below:

  • A set of services has been defined from a first expression of Business cases refined in Use by the Pilot’s owner in the consortium. During this phase a formal standard (BPMN) has been used to ease the comparison / aggregation among use cases.
  • Based on the results obtained (first set of services) an initial version of the BIGG Data Reference Architecture has been designed.

The first samples of code implementing the BIGG Data Reference Architecture have been produced and the project has entered in its first integration round.

Example of the BPMN template used to represent the use cases and the various services they rely on.