On June 27, Anthony Uhlman, Project Manager at Helexia, and Romain Hollanders, Product Champion at Energis, led the online webinar “UNLOCKING BUILDING EFFICIENCY: THE SCALABLE AND STANDARDIZED TOOLKIT FOR EnPC MANAGEMENT. Measure and verify energy efficiency while ensuring the accuracy of savings calculations”.

The webinar was organized in the framework of the Zero-Emission Buildings Academy, which was launched in partnership between Leonardo Energy (European Copper Insitute), ECTP (European Construction, built environment and energy efficient building Technology Platform) and BPIE (Buildings Performance Institute Europe).

During the webinar, the BIGG project was presented focusing on the business case 4 about Energy Performance Contract management (EnPC) optimization. Tracking energy savings from an EnPC can be a daunting task. The EnPC management toolkit aims to automate and standardize the Measurement and Verification (M&V) process for Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) managing EnPCs. The M&V process involves identifying a baseline consumption model against which the actual consumption post-retrofit can be compared to accurately estimate savings and ensure financial follow-up for both the ESCO and the end customer. Currently, this process is typically managed manually with Excel sheets, which is time-consuming and prone to errors.

The toolkit demonstrated during this webinar, developed under the BIGG project (Horizon2020) addresses the challenges of identifying accurate baseline models, integrating existing contracts with pre-existing baseline models, and incorporating the financial structure of the contract. Ultimately, the toolkit aims to propose a unified approach to streamline the EnPC management process for ESCOs.