The BIGG project is developing tools for 6 different business cases (BC) that were described in the following link. In the current publication a working plan for the first business case is explained.

Business case 1 “Benchmarking and energy efficiency tracking in public building”, aims to develop tools that take advantage of large quantities of building information to perform benchmarking among large building portfolios. The comparison of the buildings will highlight the ones that require urgent intervention or show margin for improvement (reduction of energy consumption). BC1 is also working on a system to improve the energy savings tracking derived of the implementation of energy efficiency measures.

The main functionalities for BC1 “Benchmarking and energy efficiency tracking in public building” are:

  • Easy access to the buildings energy consumption information, for electricity down to the hourly scale.
  • Access to natural gas consumption at the monthly scale, with historic data stored within the platform.
  • Functionality to link several sources of building and energy information (data harmonisation explained in a previous news release) to take advantage of already existing sources such as cadastre, energy distributors platforms and energy performance certificates (EPC) for buildings, among others.
  • The harmonisation process facilitates the automatic data gathering methods that ensure the operability of the platform and that keep the data up to date.
  • The capability to register, catalogue and track the energy efficiency measures applied to each building. The repository of such information will help to validate the obtained savings and should ease the implementation of future actions by providing a quantification of savings linked to each investment taken.
  • The automatic savings measurement has the potential to also detect energy consumption increases due to building degradation.
  • Use of Big Data and AI tools benchmarking, and comparisons among buildings will be performed to detect the characteristics and buildings to enhance.

The aim is to have most of the building energy information in one platform to help building and energy managers both in their day to day work. The platform will facilitate the energy efficiency measures planning and implementation thanks to the real data obtained and validated from comparable buildings in the database.