Throughout the October Newsletter, BIGG presents the recent progress of the project and the most remarkable activities carried out recently.

Video: Introducing the Business Cases of the BIGG project

The BIGG project is a revolution of the way we harness data and analytics in building management, fostering efficiency, sustainability, and innovation for the benefit of all stakeholders involved. Therefore, the BIGG Consortium has decided to explain in detail each of the large-scale pilots in Spain and Greece. Through this video, the main objectives are presented as an introduction to the 6 business cases.

The first video presenting the Business Case 1 “Benchmarking and energy efficiency tracking in public buildings has just been released and can be watched here. Specifically, this video focuses on improving the identification of energy efficiency measures and their impacts in most of the public buildings owned by the Catalan Government through consumption monitoring.

Stay tuned and explore each case study area and the corresponding business cases in the next videos that will be soon available on
BIGG’s Youtube channel.

White Paper 2

BIGG’s second White Paper is now available online: “The need for harmonizing input data and AI Toolbox revolution in context of smart building management”. Proper implementation of new technologies on big data needs standardization of input data coming from different sources. The uniqueness of the BIGG concept lies in its creation and utilization of a distinctive Ontology. This Ontology is designed to facilitate semantic interoperability of data and empower big data analytics within buildings. In this White Paper we will explore the aim, advantages and key components of the harmonization layer of BIGG.

You can also read the first White Paper “Validation of the BIGG Data Analytics Toolbox over the BIGG Data Reference Architecture in 6 Business Cases in Spain and Greecehere. Throughout this White Paper, the six business cases are introduced, including the main details about each use case. The technical solution proposed is presented, together with some results and the analysis of each solution, with the aim of understanding how BIGG has helped with the challenges found.

BIGG was at the Built4People Stakeholders Forum held on October 3rd

The BIGG project was invited to pitch during the session “Data and information aggregation for a sustainable Built Environment” at the Annual Built4People Stakeholders Forum, which was held online on October 3rd.

The session was moderated by Sylvain Kubicki, from the LIST (Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology) and Anastasiya Yurchyshyna and Nerea Gómez, from ECTP (European Construction, built environment and energy efficient building Technology Platform). Oriol Escursell from ICAEN (Catalan Institute of energy) introduced BIGG and its main outcomes and participated in an open discussion about the transformation of the construction industry thanks to data.

Unlocking the Power of Collaboration: The #SmartEnergyCluster Driving the Smart Energy Transition

As announced in the last newsletter, BIGG was invited to become part of the #SmartEnergyCluster together with other sister projects, to join forces and work together in the framework of the dissemination, communication and exploitation of the projects activities and results, aiming at engaging interested and common target groups.

Recognising that collaboration and innovation are key, 19 projects pool resources and expertise to accelerate the smart energy transition. The projects share a common objective to develop and deploy new business models and concepts which add value by leveraging integrated energy services. These combine different energy services, such as energy efficiency, distributed generation and flexibility, and/or which integrate energy services with non-energy benefits. Moreover, they aim to overcome the fragmentation of markets and segments and to enhance the cooperation and trust among different services providers and market actors, also across segments that so far do not have common business cases.

The cluster will work together in the framework of dissemination, communication and exploitation of the projects activities and results, aiming at engaging interested and common target groups. These collaborative actions will also aim to multiply the impacts of the benefits of each project, including for example, the integration of new and smart service offers, reduced energy costs for end-users and payback times of investments into sustainable energy.

Find more information about the 19 projects that shape the #SmartEnergyCluster, including the 4 innovative LIFE projects leading the cluster, here.

Energy efficiency investors and building managers to have a new go-to European marketplace

The EU-funded ENERGATE project is developing an Energy Efficiency Aggregation platform for Sustainable Investments, a digital marketplace where investors, financing institutions, project developers, ESCOs, building owners and managers can exchange information and agree on tailored financing schemes.

Finding the funds to support EE interventions in buildings is a challenge to most building owners and managers. Finance actors, on the other hand, deal with overwhelming data sets that do not offer the necessary confidence to back investment decisions.

With the ENERGATE marketplace, building owners and implementors (supply side) will be able to report on their projects in a standardised manner, thus ensuring transparency and efficiency in the dialogue with investors. Sustainable finance actors (demand side), on the other hand, will find in the ENERGATE marketplace the go-to source of information about EE projects in buildings being able to identify attractive investment packages based on their preferences.

The ENERGATE platform will be tested and validated through 5 pilot partners representing both supply and demand side, with buildings in 6 EU countries. The 1st public version roll-out of the platform will be in March 2024.

ENERGATE could exploit the services and business models of BIGG with the aim to facilitate the incorporation of big data in the platform. In terms of promoting EE investments, the BIGG project is dealing with investment data collection and tracking, investment de-risking services and traceable, data-driven approaches for savings’ evaluation and risk indicators’ calculation. In the meanwhile, BIGG use case for evaluating the real impact of the energy improvement actions could assist ENERGATE in extracting valuable information at the statistical level from the set of EEMs applied and registered in buildings.

For more information on ENERGATE, visit the website or their social media (LinkedIn, Twitter)

DigiBUILD 1st Technical Workshop

The DigiBUILD project is organising its first technical workshop titled: ‘Innovation & Usability – Designing tomorrow’s energy efficiency services for building users’ on 25 October 2023 10:00 am – 12:00 pm CET. The project partners will present a selection of the upcoming innovative data-driven services for building users and will seek feedback on their concept and usability of the DigiBUILD services from the attendees in an interactive session held online. The BIGG project has been invited to the workshop and will take part of the discussion next October 25.

This interactive session will take place online and aims to gather your valuable feedback on the concept and usability of DigiBUILD services for energy efficiency. The event will be held as an online meeting on ZOOM. For agenda and registration, please visit here: